Are You Struggling to Reach Your Goals?

Many times I have heard clients in consultations discuss their goals i.e. ‘I want to lose 10 kilos’ or ‘I would like to lose fat off my tummy and get a six-pack’ but then in the very next breath when discussing their nutrition, they start asking ‘can I still have a few pints on a Friday with friends?’Are You Struggling to Reach Your Goals?

As I mentioned many times before most things worth doing in life requires sacrifices (unfortunately!) & there is always something that will have to give.

  • You will need to spend time training/going to the gym- which will mean you have less time to watch TV/ do the housework.
  • You will need to make changes to your eating and drinking habits meaning you can’t continue to eat junk or drink beer!
  • You will spend money on gym memberships/personal training, so you will have to cut back on other areas you enjoy in your life.

Struggling to Reach Your Goals – It’s About Moderation

‘But it’s all about moderation’  you say, and yes, moderation can be the key to a great balanced life. However, I don’t believe that you can begin your journey with this mindset – as many people use the ‘it’s all about moderation’ as an excuse to fall back on or as a cover-up. This can easily be taken out of context which suggests a green light to pretty much justify behaviour, leading you to fall off track a lot quicker.

Yes, moderation is key to long-lasting results- but if you are ultimately in control and have been working on your goals and improving your lifestyle for a fair amount of time then this moto can work. It is the individuals that are only 3 days into their journey and already using these excuses so they fall off track so soon-and then this creates something that keeps occurring.

From the onset, you must connect wholeheartedly and be completely honest about what it is you want to achieve, the purpose for wanting to achieve it, and the sacrifices that are required to make the goal happen. The more upfront and realistic you are from the start- the greater chances of success and you achieving the best results.

Staying on track is a commitment to yourself, the endless housework and work duties will always be there & socialising can still be included when making the right choices!

Stay fully committed to your goals, and remember why it is important to YOU to Stay on track!