Avoiding Setbacks in Your Training Goals – Pt 2


When it comes to staying consistent with a training schedule/plan for many,  time, work & family commitments tend to be the main things that can cause setbacks. We can’t give up our family or our job so assessing the best time of day to train will help with avoiding setbacks.

With family life and work commitments, it can be challenging to obtain some control over your training and getting to the gym regularly.

However, people tend to worry too about when the best time to train is- instead of working out how they can actually create consistency of training 3-4 times a week.

Those who are busy businessmen/women I would probably advise to train first thing in the morning, as to avoid being pulled into a last-minute meeting at 6 pm… because they will have more control in the morning so will be able to create consistency a lot easier.

Whereas parents who have young children to see to and organise may be busy in the mornings, and find it best to train of an evening once they have their little ones settled and in bed, whilst the other half can watch them you can then try and get a gym session in, of-course you will need to be in agreement with your better half to take turns each evening.

But all in all my main point is to workout what works best for you….

Other things to consider when choosing a suitable time is

When you feel most energetic

(You don’t have to listen to your friend- its what works for you, this is your journey.. and as long as you get it done that’s the main thing).

What fits best around your daily schedule

(Family commitments, tasks etc)

what works best for you. . and enables you to have control and consistency.

Will work commitments mean you may have to stay late for meetings?

If this is a common likelihood then getting up and out to do it in the morning may be best. We don’t want to take it to chance, as we want to have control and be able to create consistency. There is no set best time to train, ultimately what’s most important is that it works for you and you get it done- a 45-60 minute session can be achieved.

Working with a personal trainer on a regular basis can also help you keep to your training routine. As well as having a regular appointment booked in you’ll also be more focused on training between your sessions so you’re well prepared for when you meet up with them.