Don’t Give Up..Keep Going in December!

So the Christmas lights have been switched on.. the Winter Wonderland amusement park is in full flow.. there is a variety of Chocolates & Biscuits all over the office.. Christmas is already fast approaching.. but why? Can we just slow it down a little here, we are only just about heading into the end of November!


With the pressure of Christmas being sprung upon us a lot sooner, there are very many of us who have already allowed their foot to come off the fitnesss pedal as the year winds down.


Is this you? Or do you know anyone like this? No doubt you do! This is scandalous as they’re treating it like a big, long Friday afternoon.




December is a full month of the year and some people have been coasting since mid-November, and have completely given up on their health and fitness goals! That means that for more than 10% of the year, these individuals are chilling out and letting things slide…feet up and just chilling… no no no!!


If we give up completely in December..that is a whole month of piling on those unwanted extra pounds! Any wonder each year the average person gains more weight than the previous year and come mid-summer wonders why they have got even more weight to try and shift.


So are you guilty of already being out of ‘work mode’ since mid-November time? If so then you really need to pick things up again! December is a great time for getting things in place ready to kick start the New Year which will help to boost you further on the right track on your quest to be beach ready come spring/summer time. You may be in comfortable baggy jumpers now, but it won’t be very long until you are thinking about shorts and bikinis again.


Maintaining as much consistency with your training earlier on in the month and throughout as much of December as you can, will put you in good stead for the actual ‘festive period’ – Christmas Eve, Christmas day and boxing day, these are really the only days you have the excuse to eat more and do less.


Keeping that training up and continuing to work on your fitness goals will also help to decrease your chances of doing more damage, undoing all the hard work you put in over the past few months. It is a good time to also begin putting your plans/goals for the next year together, ready for when the New Year knocks, don’t be like the half-dead December slackers who’ll be waking up bleary-eyed, shaking off their hangover and setting some late lame ass resolutions when we are almost in February! Instead, keep slaying them end of year goals ready to take on some more from the offset of 2018!