Avoiding Set Backs in Your Training – Part One

Unfortunately trying to be consistent and avoiding set backs can be tough, as there are always obstacles that will prop up along the way, having a plan that identifies these possible drawbacks is an idea- so you can hopefully prevent a continuous reoccurrence of them happening or have a plan ready to deal with certain setbacks.

Avoiding Set Backs

When speaking to clients and through my own journey what I have found common is the challenges when dealing with other people. They have a way of either making you feel uncomfortable about it or constantly are trying to lure you into falling off plan.

Some of the people are what I call the initiators, the type of ‘friends/colleagues’ who will be saying ‘its only one biscuit, it wont harm you’ or ‘you only live once, its okay to have a treat’ these initiators love to see you fail, they initiate bringing a big box of cakes to work, or inviting you round for dinner and cooking something that is supposed to be off the menu for you.

It is a strange thing, and people are peculiar, as they may wish you all the best and congratulations one minute, but along the line will be one of the first to say ‘eat some cake’. All because sadly deep down they don’t like to see you progress and get in shape, well not too much anyway; its completely fine at the beginning though, as at the beginning they are probably thinking ‘they won’t stick it’ or they may think you have a long way to go – these other people will be threatened by change, and especially those people closest to you, mainly because you have faced an issue and are trying to do something about it, that it is a threat to them, but lets be clear here, them feeling threatened is not your problem and its not fair for you to have to deal with their insecurities.

The best solution would be to avoid these people, but that would be tough, because these are co-workers, friends, sometimes even family members, so unless you decide to lock yourselves away planning not to return in a good few months time there is no chance. You shouldn’t have to have to put up with that annoying colleague who comes over inspecting what you have in your Tupperware on a daily basis. ‘oooh, what have you got today?.’

The best way to deal with this is to not even breathe a word to them about you being on plan- that way you can avoid the comments, you know the ‘how boring you are’ or ‘oh I couldn’t eat that, that looks far too healthy for me’.

These comments start to become very irritating and can make you feel really anxious, the fact that now everyone in the office is in the know, you will be doing this not just for you but for everyone and the comments and annoying questions will keep coming. The thing is not everyone will understand what you are doing, people simply just don’t get it, because it is something they will struggle to do themselves. I still get comments like ‘oh you still eating that special diet’ and after all these years of saying it I yell, “it is not a diet! It is a lifestyle!’

You need to remember that you began this lifestyle change for you, and only you can have the influence on what you eat, by keeping quiet you won’t be in the spotlight and no one will be expecting you to do well and no one will be expecting you to fail. If anyone starts asking questions just say ‘you thought you would try eating a little healthier.’

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