Post Holiday Motivation

Preparing for a holiday is really only a short term goal, and will only see you through until that holiday goal date, so what happens next after that?Post Holiday Motivation

Summer is coming to an end, and finding it hard to get back into the swing of things once the holiday is over is difficult. If this is you, trust me in saying that you’re not alone here!

It’s always a struggle to find your post holiday motivation after you’ve had a bit of time off, and you may need a little bit of an extra push to get yourself revved up and ready for the school run, work & that training routine again.

Here are a couple of things I do to get back into the routine.

Firstly remember it’s constant work

The training you do is a never-ending journey! When you get in shape and reach your target you are not done there, you have to continue maintaining it. If you didn’t regularly brush your teeth, they would decay, same as if you don’t train and eat well, your body will do the equivalent. Looking after your body is a long term commitment. You had the motivation for your holiday bikini and committed time to yourself then, the only difference now is what? Holiday has come and gone and you are not feeling up to getting back to work! Time to suck it up huns! You know what, you will feel so much better when you stick to it and keep going. Long breaks will only spiral into weeks and before you know it months and you are back to square one.

Wake up routine

Things are always easier with a routine. If you’re planning to wake up earlier than usual, why not start setting your alarm at this time a few days before you start work to get yours and the kids body into a routine? This will mean when it comes to the first day back waking up in the morning will be easier. Believe me, these dark mornings are here & they make it a lot more difficult to roll out of bed when that alarm sounds!

Make to-do- lists

I love a list. They help you get your head organised and together after a bit of time off work, and you can plan plan plan! Start with listing things you need to do today, (food shop, daily tasks, etc) then list your larger tasks for the week, the month, and so on. Plan set mornings/evenings that you will dedicate time for your sessions. Start the week as you mean to go on and get that session in on a Monday, Mondays are a great way to get you motivated for the rest of the week. If I have nailed my session on Monday I feel positive, focussed and set for the rest of the week too.

Training refresher/review

If you are unsure of what you are doing next with your training and feel a little lost in the gym book a review with your personal trainer at the gym. A new program and set of goals will help to give you that kick start back into training- this will also help to prevent you from plodding along or avoiding the gym altogether.

Finally, you got this all under control! Don’t be overwhelmed with the thought of trying to get everything in! Do the above and before you know it you’re back focussed and in routine.