The Importance of Hydration

Drinking an adequate amount of water everyday has so many benefits and without a sufficient amount the body struggles to function how it should. In fact even a lot of common illness/pain we experience such as headaches can be a result of chronic dehydration! So when we say drink

Why All Women Should Be Weight Training

Why All Women Should Be Weight Training There are so many benefits when training either cardio or weights, and both have their place when it comes to getting results and improving body composition. However, cardio has always been the easier option for many, taking to the road for a

Don’t give up..Keep going in December!

So the Christmas lights have been switched on.. the Winter Wonderland amusement park is in full flow.. there is a variety of Chocolates & Biscuits all over the office.. Christmas is already fast approaching.. but why? Can we just slow it down a little here, we are only just

Lose Weight & Keep it off in the New Year

On the lead up to the Christmas Season lets face it, there is a high chance you will gain a few extra pounds. It is known that in the UK the average person consumes a whopping 6-7000 calories just on Christmas Day! Wowsers! But you and I know that

Stabilising Blood Sugar for Health & Weight Loss

There are many common symptoms that people generally will suffer with on a daily basis, those of which can be caused from having unstable blood sugar levels. These symptoms however can be avoided by making some simple changes to your daily routine, one of the most important being your

Avoiding Set Backs in your Training Goals – Pt 2

MORNING TRAINING or EVENING TRAINING? When it comes to staying consistent with a training schedule/plan for many,  time, work & family commitments tend to be the main things that can cause set backs. We can’t give up our family or our job so assessing the best time of day


Lifestyle changes are a process that takes time, and implementing small changes each day/week, eventually will help to gradually create new and better habits. Once you are ready to make a change the difficult part is committing & following through. However, it is always the first few steps that


I am not a big cereal fan at all, never really have been, however if there is one thing I do like and seem to crave every now and again- its Granola! Of-course the normal every day granola you see is not suitable due to the high sugar content.

Are you struggling to reach your goals?

Are you struggling to reach your goals? Many times I have heard clients in consultations discuss their goals i.e. ‘I want to lose 10 kilos’ or ‘I would like to lose fat off my tummy and get a six pack’ but then in the very next breath when discussing


Preparing for a holiday is really only a short term goal, and will only see you through until that holiday goal date, so what happens next after that? Summer is coming to an end, and finding it hard to get back into the swing of things once holiday is

Squat to avoid back injuries

  When squatting try to keep your lumbar (lower back) as neutral as possible. Take a look at the two comparisons, in the left clip where I have gone for the most depth you can see at the bottom of the movement the posterior tilt (tailbone tucks under). This

Strength Training for Fat Loss

When training for fat-loss what is important to consider is that doing cardio/aerobics alone will not give you the same benefits. The use of cardio/aerobics has its place, however the inclusion of strength/resistance training will be far more effective. Here is why: .. The stronger you become  participating on


So we are in October!  Would you be willing to give up alcohol for a whole month? For a good cause and supporting the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity Fund raise, many have given up their regular alcoholic beverages. ‘Go sober for October’ is a great fundraising challenge Alcohol is

Worried about Christmas weight gain?

Are you worried about gaining too much weight over the holidays & ruining all the hard work you have put in over the past few months/year? Some may say just relax and enjoy it and don’t worry about it, however it can bring feelings of guilt and for some