Zoe Ogden

“I started training with Dani a few months ago, and it has been brilliant since day one! I can honestly say I always look forward to our weekly sessions, and having her push me to work hard and stretch myself. There is a massive difference between when I train on my own and when I train with Dani.

I was very impressed with our initial consultation, and she really took the time to get to know me and my habits, and did a thorough look in to my nutrition. We talked about my goals and she really understood what I wanted to achieve.

I had just come back from living in Australia and I had a PT over there, so I was a little nervous about training with someone new. But I think I have picked the perfect trainer! She is so encouraging, motivating and is always there if I have any questions. We have switched up my training programmes a few times, and I love the variety and working on different parts of my body.

I absolutely love weight training now, and would never go back to pure cardio. I feel so much fitter and stronger and have had so many people commenting on how good I’m looking at the moment. It’s got me motivated to keep going! I can’t thank Dani enough for all of her encouragement and support along the way!”


“I have been training with Dani for several months now. I am the wrong side of 45, trying to keep the flab at bay! I am a regular gym goer but need guidance and advice. Dani is excellent. Very focused and certainly knows her stuff! The sessions are tough which is how they should be ,but enjoyable. She is very easy to talk to and happy to help with exercise programs for the gym and with food plans. I would challenge anyone not to like Dani!”

Helen Louise Smith

“I always enjoy my sessions with Dani and am very pleased with my progress.

Dani has helped me to return to fitness; to improve my posture; and to recover from the effects of a major illness.

She has encouraged me to adopt a growth mindset.

Before I started working out with Dani, I was not at all sure that I would ever recover fully. I had forgotten how it felt to be fit and healthy.  Dani helps me to focus on one stage at a time, and I am getting stronger every day.

Dani is extremely well educated in her field and has given me effective guidance about my lifestyle. After only a few months, my diet and sleep patterns have greatly improved; so has my self-esteem.

Dani is highly professional and knowledgeable, yet also friendly and approachable.  I feel comfortable enough to discuss my needs, in the knowledge that I will not be judged.

She has taken an interest in me as a whole person, and has a very good understanding of the links between mental and physical wellbeing.

Because Dani has paced my progression to suit my individual needs, I have made good progress at a consistent rate. As a result, I have returned to work part-time, after several months of being unable to work at all.  My social life is improving too!

I now feel optimistic about my improving health.  I know that I will get even stronger and fitter with Dani’s support.”


“After seeing Dani’s journey to becoming a fitness competitor on social media, I was absolutely inspired! With her transformation in mind, I reached out to her 18-months ago, with the hopes of building muscle, shedding fat and hopefully stepping on the competitive bodybuilding stage myself.

Over 52 weeks, Dani guided me through a bulk, a cut and my entire competition prep, not just giving me training and nutrition plans, but supporting me every step of the way. Even though I was one of Dani’s online clients, she never made me feel forgotten about or ignored, and always made the time for calls, video chats and even 1-on-1 personal training sessions whenever I could fit it into my schedule.

In those 52 weeks, I not only lost fat, gained muscle and got ‘stage-ready’, but my confidence grew exponentially and I became so much more knowledgeable about my own body. When I stepped on stage for my first ever bikini bodybuilding competition, Dani had worked her magic with me and I felt and looked better than I ever had before! As a result, I took home a second-place trophy and my pro-card – and that was all thanks to Dani’s expert help, support and guidance.

But my fitness journey with Dani didn’t end there! Many competitors struggle mentally and physically post-competition, as it is a very challenging and difficult process. However, Dani expertly guided me through a reverse diet, avoid any excessive weight gain, and leave me in a position of feeling healthy, fit and strong again. This is the part that many trainers forget about – but this is where Dani really showed her incredible talents as a coach.

Whether you’re thinking about doing a bodybuilding competition or you simply want to get in shape, Dani is – hands down – the best in the business. Whether it is in-person training or online coaching, she has the knowledge and the skills to help you achieve your dream body.”

Paul McPhilips

I’ve found Dani to be an excellent coach and mentor.. and when I first started with her I was recovering from a back injury. Thanks to her knowledge of which areas to target to build me back up, I can now say I’m in the best shape of my life!”

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