Worried about Christmas Weight Gain?

Are you worried about gaining too much weight over the holidays & ruining all the hard work you have put in over the past few months/year? Some may say just relax and enjoy it and don’t worry about it, however, it can bring feelings of guilt and for some even anxiety.Worried about Christmas Weight Gain?

Here on a few pointers to implement so you can still enjoy Christmas and at the same time worry less about ruining your progress. Don’t worry, I am not being the Grinch & expecting you all to eat completely clean – I am all for you letting your hair down and enjoying a few treats, I sure as hell will be, but there are ways to do that without you gaining too much weight.

1. Ditch the ‘’it’s OK it’s Christmas mindset’’

First things first- You cant keep telling yourself  “it’s Christmas I can eat as much as I want’’ or “it’s Christmas I will start eating better in the New Year’’ you are only trying to justify eating and drinking far too much. Okay yes, I agree this is alright to an extent, but there needs to be a point where you draw the line here. Majority of people have this strong association with food at Christmas – like ‘it has to be done at Christmas’ mentality- or ‘if I’m going to eat what I want it is ok at Christmas’- this way of thinking has been conditioned within us all from an early age- but before you know it, as a result, you will be feeling lethargic, bloated and pretty groggy before the holidays are through.

2. Don’t skip meals

Start the day with a good high protein breakfast and continue to include protein within each of your meals. Including protein will keep you fuller for longer, and mean you have less chance of opting for the unhealthy options and overeating throughout the rest of the day.

3. Moderation is key

No, you really don’t have to turn down all the goodies and treats, but try to moderate your intake. Think about it and ask yourself ‘do I really want the second helping of cheesecake?’ Don’t listen to that voice in your head – again calories really do still count at Christmas!

4. Choose your tipple wisely

You can still have fun, just don’t throw caution to the wind and go for anything & everything! Pace yourself -opt for tall drinks like spritzers, swap the regular beers for light beers, steer clear of the milky or creamy cocktails and use diet or slim-line mixers. Alcohol consumption is a sure-fire way to see those calories tot up!

5. Hydration!

Staying hydrated will ensure you don’t overeat and mistake dehydration for hunger. It is also a good idea if you are consuming alcohol to alternate between water and an alcoholic beverage, and make sure to get one final full glass of water down you before you go to bed!

6. Stay active

One of the things people tend to do at Christmas is stop moving and sit around more- get up off the sofa and go for a walk. If you can’t make it to the gym try doing a little home workout.

Lastly, don’t allow Christmas to be an excuse to overindulge. Chances are, the majority of the food you are offered would normally be things you would easily pass on and cope perfectly well without.

Let your hair down and enjoy everything that is associated with Christmas but if you really are worried just be mindful of how much you are eating/drinking. You will be full of energy & rearing to go in the New Year!

Remember the true meaning of what Christmas is about & really make the most of spending some good quality time with your loved ones! Have a great Christmas everyone!