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Small Group Personal Training

We run our Small Group Personal Training sessions with up to 3 members per coach so we can still offer the quality of one to one Personal Training… LEARN MORE

One to One Personal Training

When working with a personal trainer on a one to one basis the trainer will be purely focused on you and your goals. They can incorporate the best training techniques into your workout… LEARN MORE
Our holistic approach helps you develop a more balanced lifestyle to make your health and fitness a priority with achieving greater results through a custom tailored personal training program.

Prepare yourself for great things ahead, as at Fitter Nottingham you can expect to achieve exceptional results, whether that is for weight-loss/ fat loss, a transformation program for an upcoming event, or working towards improving your general quality of life and overall health and wellbeing. It is not the latest fat loss fad or diet program, but what it is, is using key and effective nutritional and training protocols that will be best suited to you. Working through phases of a lifestyle program that will guide you to success. With a guarantee of you beginning to look and feel better after just 14 days!



Worried about Christmas weight gain?

Are you worried about gaining too much weight over the holidays & ruining all the hard work you have put in over the past few months/year? Some may say just relax and enjoy it and don’t worry about it, however it can bring feelings of guilt and for some


So we are in October!  Would you be willing to give up alcohol for a whole month? For a good cause and supporting the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity Fund raise, many have given up their regular alcoholic beverages. ‘Go sober for October’ is a great fundraising challenge Alcohol is

Strength Training for Fat Loss

When training for fat-loss what is important to consider is that doing cardio/aerobics alone will not give you the same benefits. The use of cardio/aerobics has its place, however the inclusion of strength/resistance training will be far more effective. Here is why: .. The stronger you become  participating on

Squat to avoid back injuries

  When squatting try to keep your lumbar (lower back) as neutral as possible. Take a look at the two comparisons, in the left clip where I have gone for the most depth you can see at the bottom of the movement the posterior tilt (tailbone tucks under). This