Small Group Training (3-4 people)
Our small group personal training is suited for anyone wanting to get leaner, become stronger & get fitter. We offer professional coaching & support, and results that come more affordable than the one to one Personal Training program. Regardless of your training experience or level of fitness, at Fitter Nottingham we ensure that each group is suited to each individual, as the training and programming are tailored to you & your goals.

We have coached a variety of clients with different lifestyles & levels of experience, who have obtained incredible results.

The small group personal training is limited to 4 people and should not to be confused with group exercise, as it still allows for accountability to a coach but also more attention and coaching than you will receive from any group exercise class, however you will receive the added motivation from a group environment.

Client Results

An insight into what you can achieve by working with the team at Fitter Nottingham. Please get in touch to discuss our services.

Small Group Personal Training

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