The Importance of Hydration


Drinking an adequate amount of water everyday has so many benefits and without a sufficient amount the body struggles to function how it should. In fact even a lot of common illness/pain we experience such as headaches can be a result of chronic dehydration! So when we say drink more water, we really mean it.

Here is a breakdown and brief description of all the benefits and why we all should keep our water intake up.

Health Benefits

More water helps to decrease stress on the heart; did you know that many people who suffer with high blood pressure tend to be dehydrated? Dehydration leads to low blood volume; meaning blood is not moving through the system how it should (veins/arteries) resulting in the heart not working efficiently.

Water also has a major role at ensuring transportation of nutrients between the organs and helps to flush toxins out of the body. Keeping your water intake up will also promote healthier hair, skin and nails. Dehydration results in dry skin in which causes wrinkles!

Healthy digestive system

Water also works to help breakdown the food that we eat improving our nutrient uptake. It is also important for our digestion as it helps to keep food moving through our intestines, dehydration is one of the most common causes of constipation.

Beat Fatigue

Help to combat those feelings of fatigue (particularly mid-afternoon) by drinking more water, mild dehydration will create tiredness making it harder for you to concentrate and have clear thinking throughout the day. Switch that afternoon caffeinated beverage for more water.

Help with any Fat loss/ weight loss goals

 Water is a key component when it comes to improving the bodies ability at metabolising stored body fat, when we do not drink enough water our organs can not function properly- a good example is the kidneys- they can not work efficiently with low water supplies, when this occurs the role of the kidneys is shifted to the liver to take care of. One of the main functions of the liver is to metabolise stored body fat and convert it to energy for the body- of course with the extra responsibility on the liver to carry out the role of the kidneys the liver is unable to burn more fat.

Improve Performance

 Staying hydrated is crucial for our health, but if you are also active it is vital for improving our recovery and increasing performance. When we stay hydrated during training and our recovery time we can also make a huge difference in helping to support all our bodily functions. Low water intake whilst training can cause issues such as muscle cramps, a decrease in strength and endurance and overall performance.

 How Much Water?

Its important to drink water regularly throughout the day, as when the body gives the signal that we are thirsty by then we are already dehydrated. Since we are all different we all require different amounts of water, and this will vary depending on body weight and how active you are, however try to drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day, the more active you are of course this would need to increase.

This does not include the intake of any caffeinated or sugary drinks (incuding caffee/tea, fizzy pop/cordials), these types of beverages work against our efforts to stay hydrated, as they draw water away from our body’s reserves, caffeine also diminishes our natural thirst to drink enough. Minimise your intake of caffeinated drinks and if you can try to drink filtered water.

Since we have been asleep for around 6-8 hours first thing in the morning we are dehydrated the most, so begin your day by getting a good amount down you first part of the day.


A few tips on how to stay hydrated

      1. Keep a litre bottle with you

Whether that be on your desk at work or in your bag whilst travelling, this way you can monitor your water intake and keep tabs on how much you have/ haven’t drunk, and refill when you need to.

2. Add fruit

As mentioned above, try to refrain from drinking a lot of sugary drinks such as fizzy pop or cordial juices, they not only have too much sugar but they also contain a lot of hidden nasty chemicals. If you struggle to drink plain water add fresh slices of fruit to yours for flavour instead.


  1. Don’t sip it

To make sure you are drinking enough a good way is to gulp down a decent amount each time, instead of sipping- you will never get through a sufficient amount throughout the day this way.


I hope these topic of information has been helpful, just in case you did not take it all in- Just Drink More Water!


Dani Lucille

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